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Cost differences on yachts by size

Rent of luxury yachts in Cancun

Only a few people can afford to sail a yacht, a yacht cost is enormous , in addition to maintaining the same , there are many fixed costs.

depending on size of yacht you could require to enjoy holidays or weekends the following expenses

Yachts 50 feet or less :

Luxury Megayachts are cruising for family sailing

These only require that you have a place at home to keep them as being small does not require much space , so you only need besides your regular maintenance, the hecharles gasoline, you have a good trailer and pay for a port to put it to water, and navigate. The downside of these that do not have large capacity and autonomy is little movement and at sea as they are not too heavy and jump in the waves , but it is a good choice.

Yachts over 50 feet :

Usually need a dock at a marina since due to size, it is very difficult to have it at home in this type of yacht is recommended to have a captain to take you sailing , as by the laws of the Harbor , the deep sea, and many computers as radar , sonar , knowledge of routes and much more, as these yachts have more autonomy and can sail more distance , so you'll also need to pay the salary of a captain according 'll need more of a sailor or size, the cost of the pier, which includes you in some cases electricity to operate the yacht at the dock and much more , but these are the yachts that will make you discover more places , according ability can enjoy with more people, and even throwing parties , or events in the

Boats Sizes;

Fishing is an experience you will not forget
If you want to experience it feels to have a yacht , you can even rent one in Cancun , you can find companies that are dedicated to operate yachts for rent one is Luxury Yacht in Cancun, she 'll find yachts of all types, either cruising , fishing or mega yachts,

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